A free console program for determining the authenticity of musical CDs. By evaluating the character of audio data a CD contains, it can distinguish between original studio-based recordings and those that have been "reconstructed" using a lossy audio source,

Lots of people struggle to detect any difference between CD quality and high bit rate MP3.
Programs like these are like us, at high bit rates they guess wrong.

There are no reliable techniques to discern high bit rate MP3 from lossless (except buying the original of course).

Audio DiffMaker

Audio DiffMaker is a freeware tool set intended to help determine the absolute difference between two audio recordings, while neglecting differences due to level difference, time synchronization, or simple linear frequency responses.

The difference recording that results is only what has changed between the two recordings. If anything - a change of component, a treatment, mechanical damping, etc. - is having any audible effect on the audio signal in a system, the difference recording will have audible content. The end result is primarily intended to be evaluated by ear.

ASF view

A tool by Microsoft, tells you everything about the contents of an audio file.


Removes wow and flutter from musical recordings – whether on tape, compact cassette, wax, shellac or vinyl. Capstan detects wow and flutter by analyzing the musical material itself, so the medium is of no relevance.

System Requirements


Intel Mac, OS X 10.5.8 or later, 4 GB RAM or more

Win7/64, 4 GB RAM or more

Price: €3,790


DeGlitch is designed to detect and correct isolated bad samples in digital audio files caused by ripping damaged CDs or discs that do not meet the CD standard (i.e. copy protected). These errors are generally heard as clicks, although they can also occur in bursts that sound more like crackle. DeGlitch will not work at all on the clicks found in vinyl rips (which span many consecutive samples) and will not work as well with audio that has been compressed (except lossless). Its algorithm will also fail in error bursts where more than 1/3 of the samples are corrupted, although these will normally occur only with deeply scratched CDs.


HOLMImpulse is a freeware program for frequency- and impulse-response measurement of speaker systems.


The goals for the application

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